We strive to stick to
the posted events
Any and all events
are subject to change
Its been a long road
Miss Lexie
May 12- May 13

Clean up weekend

May 26 -May 29
Memorial Day Weekend
Ling Ling B-Day Bash
Miss Hideaway contest
Movie night,  miss    
BBQ,  Potluck,
Fireworks,  Breakfast
Hay Ride to the lake,      
Featuring DJ Micheal
June 2 - June 3
Bear Wake up Weekend
Sponsored by Bear
Mr Hideaway Bear
contest, Movie night
BBQ,  Potluck  
Hay Ride to the lake,  
June 16- June 17
Illumination Celebration
Illumination tour
camp crawl,  Pot Luck  
movie night
Hay ride to the lake,     
 June 23- June 24
Iron Chef cook off
Cook your favorite
campsite dish
( must be prepared at
site) judging done by
campers,  this is a pot
event ( sat @ 6pm)
Friday night movie

Hay Ride to the lake     
June 30 - July 4

4th of July Weekend
Movie night,  BBQ,  Pot
Luck,  Show,  
Fire works by Ned,

Hay rides to the lake
July7 - July 8

Toga Party Weekend

Toga dance party
pool Side
with DJ Micheal
Movie night, Potluck
Hay ride to the lake  
July 14- July 15
Christmas in July
Movie Night, Joe
Christmas Dinner,   
brings the turkey
everyone brings a
side,  Yankee gift
exchange,  Show

DJ Micheal pool side
July 21 - July 22
Bears on the
Hosted by
Bear Hampton
Movie Night,  BBQ,  
Pot Luck,   
July 28 - July 30
New England Leather
, Pot Luck  Pool Party
Shot Tour     
Hay Ride to the lake,  
Aug 4 - Aug 5
Trailer Trash Weekend
Life's a Drag

Empty your closets for
Trailer Trash Yard Sale
Movie Night,  Pot
Luck,  Trailer Trash

Let your inner Drag out
for a night
Drag hunt and games
Prizes for best dressed,  
Hay Ride to the lake  
Aug 25 - Aug 26

Camp out weekend redneck
Antique  car show

Movie night
Hay ride to the Lake   
Sept 8 - 10     

Camp out weekend
Sept 1- Sept 4

Labor Day Weekend
Movie Night, BBQ, Pot
Fire works by Ned,  
Hay rides to the Lake
Sept 15 - Sept 16

end of season bear

Movie night, Pot Luck
Pool Side DJ Micheal
Sept 29 - Sept 30

Closing Weekend
May 19 - May 20

Opening Weekend

Dessert potluck
movie night
Sept 22 -Sept 23

Halloween Weekend
Trick or Treat Tour  
Pet costume parade  
Costume Ball pool side
DJ Micheal
Movie night,  Potluck
Hay Ride to the Lake,
June 9 - June 10

Mardi-gras weekend

Hawaiian Luau / Pig        
Aug 18- Aug 19

5 Year Anniversary
Joe's Birthday Party

Rich and Joe celebrate
34 years together
Aug 11-Aug 12

Jock staps & Boots